Zoe + Scott

Engagement Shoot Llangennith Beach.  Monday evening I met with Zoe & Scott and what a gorgeous fun evening it was.  It was lovely to be greeted with a big cwtch (for those outside Wales: Cwtch – noun WELSH
1. a cupboard or cubbyhole. / 2. a cuddle or hug.)  In my opinion the beach isn’t a place where shoes belong, and as soon as these two saw that I was bare foot they threw their shoes in the car and off we all set.  They rocked the shoot and with the shoes left behind of course I was going to get them in the sea, even if it meant I got soaked myself!! If you’ve ever been on a shoot with me you’ll know I always say “I wouldn’t ask you to do anything what I wouldn’t do myself”!

The waves crashed, their love was deep.

Zoe + Scott… Thank You xx