Rachel + Anthony | 3rd September 2016


If what they say about rain on your wedding day is true then Rachel and Anthony have nothing but good luck coming their way for a long time!

It rained and rained, but nothing was going to dampen the spirits of this bride and groom on their awesome day!

When we arrived with Rachel at her Mums house she was, as ever, cool and calm, enjoying the preparations surrounded by her family and best friend Sarah.

We also got to pop in and see Anthony, the less we say about that the better, but lets just say Ant and the boys were a little unprepared when we arrived (they were still in last nights clothes, empty cans everywhere, breakfast pots and pans scattered the kitchen and none of them had a clue what time they were supposed to be leaving the house, which incidentally was in 20 minutes by Rachel’s schedule!!!!) It made us all laugh and in little more than 20 minutes they had all showered and suited and booted!

Back at Rachel’s Mums house Rach stunned the room to silence followed by tears as she revealed herself in her wedding dress. The weather decided to increase its intensity just as Rach prepared to leave the house, but she still smiled through enjoying every moment for what it was, her wedding day!

Anthony waited nervously as Rachel arrived fashionably late. As Anthony watched Rachel walk down the aisle his face told us exactly how he felt.

Rachel and Anthony exchanged vows and as they exited the ceremony we managed to get a quick group photo of all the guests whilst the rain held off for five minutes!

Rachel and Anthony were determined not to allow the weather control the opportunity for the wedding photos they had dreamed of, and so we headed down to Cefn Bryn for some awesome atmospheric photos, in the rain.

Arriving back at The King Arthur Rach & Ant joined in the party with their guests, shots at the bar, magic, food, wine and speeches… they were all fantastic!

The first dance was followed by the amazing band Raspberry Jam, who absolutely rocked, the dance floor was constantly full, we watched on as Rachel, Anthony and their friends has an absolute ball.

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