I’m Rich… Husband, Dad, and of course photographer.

I’m a chilled 'shorts all year round' kinda guy, coffee, the gym & hats are my thing. I love a music festival or gig, Glastonbury is my happy place!

Most of all I love the simple life… family evenings on the beach with a bbq and fire are just one of my favourite things to do.

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to technology, it was this that lead me into photography. I’m so grateful to be doing something I love as a job, though it rarely feels like “work”!! I love being at a wedding, socialising and being able to witness the relationships between families and friends - it always feels like an honour.

I have experienced loss, two very special ladies who brought me up, my Mum and my Gran. I believe that losing these two very special ladies has heightened the importance of people and how we connect, I look for this in my photography, I want my photography to bring feeling to you when you look back at it.

Rich xXx

What makes me happy