Camilla + Sam

Camilla & Sam met on Friday 13th February 2009 when English born Sam was playing rugby for Wales U20s and staying in Swansea. Their first date was Valentine's Day, which has come to be their anniversary.

Each Valentine's Day, Sam would take Camilla to Oxwich Bay, light a fire and stay in the hotel - it became their special place.

On their 7th anniversary, 14th February 2016, after 5 years of a long distance relationship while Mumbles girl Camilla did university in London, followed by two years living together in the Midlands, Sam decided to propose at Oxwich.

With the help of his brother and best friend, who came down from Swindon to help start the fire and set up a tent with fairy lights, rose petals and chocolates, Sam's sunset proposal began with Camilla finding an engraved bottle of champagne in the sand on their late afternoon beach walk.

Sam made a video documenting his journey to his proposal, from collecting the engagement ring that he had personally made for Camilla, to driving to Swansea to ask for her Dad's permission to marry, taking it one step further Sam even captured the very special proposal on his GoPro.

In February this year the couple rescued Coco and Chanel, two Chihuahua's from The Dogs Trust, and much to Sam's surprise he now loves the dogs more than Camilla does!

Camilla and Sam are getting married at Clyne Chapel followed by celebrations at Fairy Hill, Gower on New Years Eve 2017, and of course chose to have their connection shoot at Oxwich because of all the special memories they have made there.


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