Gemma + Matthew (Dav) Engagement Shoot Penllergare Valley Woods

We asked Gemma how she and Matthew AKA Dav met and became engaged, it’s a very cute and funny story...

“It’s a funny story how we met - I used to wait for my Mum to pick me up from school in the same spot everyday and Matthew (Davo to many) used to walk home past me everyday. We both caught each others eye and I remember thinking how good looking he was (is!!) and I’ll never forget one day he walked past me and winked at me! He says he will never live that down but eventually we got chatting on social media and the rest is history!

10 years later on our anniversary of meeting - Halloween 2017 Dav decided to propose (after years of people asking ‘when are you two going to get engaged?!’)
Little did I know that Dav had actually had it planned for years and was just waiting for our anniversary to pop the question!

We were supposed to be having a little Halloween gathering as I’m obsessed with anything seasonal, Halloween especially, I phoned Dav on my way home from work to make sure he had set up everything for the gathering... “have you bought those?” and “have you done this?” He told me that everything was ready but was getting annoyed because people were knocking on the door and running away, I told him that it was probably just stupid teenagers because it was Halloween, but he said the knocking was getting louder and coming from the back door, then he hung up the phone. With me being the worrier that I am I drove home in a panic thinking something bad had happened.
When I pulled up at our house one of our friends was outside the house waiting for me, she said she had been told by Dav to arrive at our house at exactly 6pm to ‘assist’ me on ‘a mission!’

We thought it was some sort of wind up so we walked through the front door and picture this... no lights on but candlelight and creepy music playing in the background! There was a note attached to the living room door that told us that we were going on a hunt to find Dav who had been captured and we only had a limited amount of time to find him! In the living room and kitchen there were two more notes along with a GoPro secretly filming us on the shelf!! To cut a long story short this man hunt took us all around Swansea, to different places that were poignant or meant something us and our relationship.
At each location there was a member of family or a friend who handed me the next clue and I then had to work out where the next clue was. Each person I met with a clue made out that they had no idea what was going on and in all fairness I believed them!

At the end I was instructed to go back to ‘where it had all began and that I’d had my trick and now it was time for my treat’ I knew where to go and as I got out of the car I saw a candle underneath the lamppost where I used to wait for my Mum to pick me up from school. From out of nowhere Dav came towards me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Then everyone came out cheering, we all went back to our house where Dav and his sister had arranged a little engagement party! Easily one of the best moments of my life, I don’t know how he’s ever going to top that!

We have booked to get married on Friday 13th... yes I know what you’re thinking, but 13 is a lucky number for us!
Less than 7 months after Davs memorable proposal we will be getting married at Ocean View, Gower. We wanted to get married as soon as possible due to Davs mum being unwell we didn’t want to leave it any longer than we had to! So now we are counting down the days to the big day!”

  1. OMG OMG OMG – I love this! What beautiful photos and a lovely intro to those who didn’t know the full account of their lives together up until now.
    Gemma and Dav – you are beautiful and thoughtful people who I feel proud to call my daughter and (future) son-in-law. May your future bring good health, wealth and happiness…… and of course the pattern of tiny feet. Love you both……Mum xx


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