Myself and Rich met over 5 years ago  in March 2013 on a night out in town, and as they say, the rest is history.

Our first date was in Starbucks, we decided on here just in case one of us needed to do a runner haha! Luckily that never happened.

3 hours later and numerous amount of coffee the 1st date was a hit!

In the years that we have been together we have shared the most amazing memories.

We both share a love of Rugby so we have been lucky enough to have some amazing trips away to watch the rugby, Italy being the best.

Everyone thought on that trip that Rich would get down on one knee, but in his words ‘that was too predictable’.

Rich finally proposed on the 28th September 2016 whilst we were on holidays in Greece. We had had an amazing evening and were sat on the balcony having a few glasses of wine, talking into the night.

When he asked me to be his wife, I started to laugh, then cry, then laugh again (I didn’t think I was a crier but I was so happy) and said YES without any hesitation in my mind. It really was the best night.

When we started looking for a photographer for our wedding, we asked around. Richard S had been the chosen photographer for a relative of mine wedding and the photos were absolutely amazing and both Richard and Gemma were highly recommended by people.

When we first met Richard S instantly we felt comfortable  and after looking at the albums, website and social media we knew we had made the right choice.

We decided on Bar St James for the engagement shoot as we both enjoy eating, drinking and I absolutely adore the décor of the bar. Plus it holds a lot of memories for me as it was the first place I started my career before being changed into the bar it is today.

Me and Rich were a little nervous for the engagement shoot but instantly Richard S made us feel at ease which is exactly what we wanted.

The Wedding has been nearly 2 years in the making and both myself and Rich can’t wait to see what memories Richard S manages to capture on the day.

We are excited to share the day with all our family and friends and start the new chapter of our lives as Mr and Mrs Teesdale.


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