Sarah moved from Birmingham to Swansea in 2010 and met Chris at work in 2011 after they were put on the same team. After some persuasion Sarah finally agreed to a date in February 2012.


After a fair few drinks their first date ended with them making sandcastles on Swansea Bay at midnight. At that point they knew their lives would be filled with fun and laughter and not much normality!

A year later they bought their first house in Neath. In May 2014 Chris proposed on a surprise getaway for Sarah’s birthday. After the initial shock Sarah said ‘yes!’.

In August 2015 they welcomed their first child Freddie into the world, and soon followed their daughter Isla in February 2017.

With their house, kids and cats in place, next was the wedding! After visiting the King Arthur hotel in Gower, they both knew they’d found the perfect place to tie the knot.

We wanted our engagement shoot with richard savage photography at the beach and without the distraction of the children, when we spoke to Rich we came up with the idea of Pennard Cliffs, Gower and what an evening it was, after spending sometime on the top and overlooking the Gower coastline we decided to head down to Oxwich Bay for some beach photos.
Here’s to the future!!
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    Nice work Rich! Another great set of pictures!.

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